Customize Applications – Web Content Management Systems

Need help with Web Content Management Systems? Need a new application or support for an existing one? Perhaps you want a Joomla website, Mantis help desk, WordPress Blog (like this one) or Zen shopping cart.

If you don’t have the time or technical expertise to setup these applications Downs Consulting can guide you through it or set it up for you.

We charge by the hour so you pay for only the help you need.

Cost & Installation

The aforementioned applications are free so there’s no initial cost but setup can be tedious for the less technical savvy. Some applications may require subscriptions and specific hardware.

GoDaddy hosting plans make the installation & upgrading of common applications painless once you find the procedure. Other hosts have similar procedures.

If you want to host on an unmanaged server then you may need to find the procedure from the vendor. If you want an application on a managed server then support will likely help if not install the application.


Some applications like WordPress offer a ton of templates & plug-ins to make your application look nice and perform specialized tasks like Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This blog utilizes a free template and a few useful plug-ins.

Our sample Zen Cart utilizes a customized template while the Joomla  site is pretty much plain vanilla. It took considerable time to find the photos and re-size them for the Zen Cart. Free templates for Zen Cart are not as common as WordPress but there are some nice ones that are responsive like the one we used.

Web Content Management Systems

Many of these products use Web Content Management Systems (Web CMS or WCMS). WCMS allow users to make changes to their application design without knowing HTML.

The User Interface (UI) for these applications tend towards the simplistic but you may need technical help to get started.

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