Pre-Paid Discounted Block Rates Versus Regular Rates

Discounted Block Rates Versus Invoiced Regular Rates

Most of our customers prefer our pre-paid discounted block rates but some prefer our invoiced regular rates.

Discounted Block Rates $35.00 $45.00
Regular Rates $38.50 $49.50


Discounted Block Rates Versus Regular Rates

Regular rates

Regular rates can be adjusted to a discounted rate when additional funds are deposited.   If you would rather not pre-pay, then you will receive an invoice with the regular rates.

Discounted rates

Discounted rates require a positive balance. You may be  switched to the higher regular rate if you don’t have funds available. The pre-paid amount eliminates numerous invoices for small jobs.  You will receive an accounting of what the jobs entail and how many hours were spent on each task.

Please consider these alternative methods of making payments:

  1. FAX both sides of the check (409-945-6553) and I will electronically deposit to my account.
  2. PayPal Account –
  3. PayPal via our webpage Calculator attempts to add fees in for target payment.
  4. Payment online via QuickBooks.

We credit the amount we receive for credit cards minus fees.

 QuickBooks: 3.4% + $.25

PayPal 2.9% + $.30

Square 3.5% + 15 cents

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