Don’t Hold Back Your Business Virus Protection

Business Virus Protection

It’s useful to set up a centrally controlled anti-virus when you have a few machines to manage in your business. This post refers to Worry-Free Business Security (WFBS) but is applicable to other versions of business virus protection in general.

Don’t Hold Back Your Business Virus Protection from doing its job.

The main reason you need business virus protection is to protect your server. Your typical home protection suite won’t suffice. If you run an Exchange server then you should install the Advanced version if not then Services is the best option. There is also a Standard edition that requires less setup.

Even if you don’t have a server you may still want a business solution so you don’t have to update your anti-virus suite machine by machine.

Web Management Console

With WFBS, you manage your machines via a Web Management Console.  Once the machines are added you can review the status, update and configure  from the console.

Web Management Console requires Internet Explorer. Typically you need to run the site in compatibility mode as a trusted site. The Services version can be accessed from anywhere while the Advanced version can be accessed via LAN/VPN.

Email Notifications

WFBS software suites can be set up to email your notifications when there is a problem. It’s best to use a dedicated email address for the product.


You have to find a reseller to purchase these business products.

Worry-Free Business Security Advanced

Advanced has some nifty features for IT but is overkill if you don’t have an Exchange Server. It requires a security server which could be any machine but it’s better to install on your server.

Advanced requires Internet Explorer to access the web which can be tricky with a server Operating System.

This version works on LAN or VPN so no protection for machines that are not connected. The rest of the machines get their updates from the security server so you have a single point of failure.

If your server is setup to block outgoing email you may have difficulty getting notifications to work. Earlier versions of Advanced had trouble with Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) so make sure you have the latest version.

Worry-Free Business Security Services

Services don’t require a Security Server machine since it’s hosted by Trend-Micro. The best feature is that you can run your company anti-virus on remote machines.  Since this is a hosted solution email setup is not very difficult. Services updates automatically.

Blocked Email Message – Unable to Send Email

Trouble with a blocked email message?

Sending email from your domain can be problematic at times.

Blocked Email Message

This article primarily deals with sending email from a public ip and using Non-SSL Settings for POP email. Most clients have their mail server hosted remotely but the IP address you send from is the one checked sending email using the default settings for POP email.

If your messages are not being delivered then you may have an IP address with a bad reputation that is being blocked by a server application like Barracuda’s Spam Blocker. Your IP address may be on one or more blacklists. This usually happens with a new account or an account that utilizes dynamic IP addresses.

You can troubleshoot this problem by taking down the anti-SPAM applications off-line if you control the server. If you don’t control the server you can utilize sites like mxtoolbox  to review the history of your IP address. This will tell you if your IP address is on a Reputation Block List (RBL) or blacklists. Once you know that you have issues with an ip you should consider using Secure SSL/TLS Settings to connect directly to your server.

If your ISP provides you with a dynamic ip you can try acquiring a new ip and check the repuation on it. Typically this is done by turning off power to the ISP’s modem. If you have static ips you can ask for a different block but this may require you to make changes at the registrar if those ips are used for the public. 

Connecting directly to your mail Server

A good solution for a blocked ip is to connect directly to your server using Secure SSL/TLS Settings thereby bypassing the RBL and blacklists. This means that you will now be using the IP address of the email server rather than the local IP address of your PC.

To authenticate using Transport Layer Security (TLS) or its predecessor, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), you need the port that your server accepts. A common port for sending email that bypasses RBL checking rules is 587. Check your host’s email client setup for Secure SSL/TLS Settings.

Issues with Connecting Directly

Connecting directly will avoid IP address bans from your location, but you need a certificate in place that satisfies your email client (e.g. Outlook). 

It’s common for hosts to use a common certificate for a server. While the common certificate will work, Outlook has a nag screen stating “the name on the security certificate is invalid or doesn’t match the name of the site” the 1st time you send an email in a session. Click Yes to proceed and sending email will continue working until you restart Outlook. Installing the certificate won’t help so don’t bother with viewing and installing the certificate in this instance. 

Some hosts will allow you to purchase SSL via 3rd parties like Comodo but others will require you to buy from the host. The hosts that allow you to buy your own certificate will assist you in the installation if you have managed hosting. Otherwise you may have to install it yourself. The hosts that require you to purchase from them generally do the install for you.

Public ip is Not Blocked

If you are not on a block list then you probably have port and/or mail server name issues. Most hosts have an Email Clients page that lists server names and associated ports for both Secure SSL/TLS Settings and Non-SSL Settings. Here’s a good example of a Email Clients page from GoDaddy. Some hosts like GoDaddy have autodiscover scripts that will attempt to find your servers and ports automatically. There are occasions where the autodiscover scripts are your best bet. You may have to logon to your hosting account to access the email client setup for your specific hosting plan.

We will assume that your mail server is not on a blacklist for this article but you should contact your host if that’s not the case. If for some reason your host was blocked and you didn’t want to change hosting, you could move the email hosting. Moving email hosting invloves pointing your email server (e.g. to the new host via your registrar.


Why Customized Software Setup Never Works As Planned

Customized Software Setup

Ever wonder why your customized software setup never works as planned?

The 5-minute install takes all day or it doesn’t work at all.

Sometimes it’s best to consult with experts to take the stress out of that project you want.

We can assist with Customized Software Setup. We will find a solution or customize existing software.

Downs Consulting can assist with whatever software you may need help with. We work with custom software, as well as, “off the shelf” products.

Maybe you need help with WordPress website, an application like a help desk or a custom Excel spreadsheet with macros.

Mantis Help Desk is free but the setup can be intimidating.

The actual setup varies depending on your host. Typically servers have the application in your Control Panel.

If the installation fails then you have to dig deeper. In some case, the solution requires your host to work out the kinks.

Need WordPress or some other software setup? We will work with your

Customized Software Setup

host or find you a new one that supports your application.

It’s best to decide what applications you want to run before you pick a host. Some applications may require a Windows or Cold Fusion server while most will work just fine on a Linux server.

The Help Desk – Bug Tracker is very powerful and useful for communication between your customers and/or your employees working on various projects. Security is built-in so folks have the privileges to deal with their aspects of the project while administrators have full control.

Your software not mentioned here? Don’t worry Downs Consulting has experience in all sorts of applications. Email or call and we will review your needs.

There is no charge for an evaluation so why take the chance that your project will not turn out the way you planned?