Buy Block Hours

Most of Downs Consulting Services’ (DCS) customers buy block hours or put cash on the books. This keeps us from invoicing for each individual service so we offer our discounted block rates.

Downs Consulting can invoice you for a block via Quick Books. Credit card payments incur fees (3.40% + 25 cents) so you get credit for the net deposit.

ACH payments through your checking account are charged a 1% transaction fee.

There are several banking services that will send money without a charge including: Bank of America send moneyChase QuickPay, Compass PopMoney. If your bank participates, this is an easy & cheap way to send money. You may send payments to

Hourly Block Rates

Remote, Drop Off$35
On-Site Rate$45
Block Rates

Tax rate is 8.25% but Data Processing (e.g., websites) exempts 20%.
Reimbursements & some services are non-taxable.

Drop off your computer at my office for Drop Off rates. No travel charges incurred for Drop off or Remote.

Note: Drop Off or Remote: No charge waiting for backup/restore and/or scans at my office or remote. We only charge for the time actively working on your computer.

Add Block Hours to PayPal

The amount credited to your account will be the net after PayPal or credit card fees.


Let’s assume we want to deposit $114 in our account and the PayPal fee is $3.71 our total would be $117.71.