Computer repair, SEO, Web Content and Responsive Websites Design

Downs Consulting services handles all things computer including: Computer repair, SEO, Web design, and network administration to name a few.

  • Google prefers Responsive Web design. DCS provides Web content development and mobile websites design while maintaining search engine optimization.
  • Affordable SEO Services (Search Engine Optimization) – Get found on the web with search engine optimization. 
  • Local Search Engine Optimization – Moz Local
Computer Help

Support – Anti-virus, firewall, software releases, roll-outs, backup files.

Provide network and remote connectivity hardware/software support

Configure and maintain operational server services – printing, security, and server-based applications.

Our Services

  • DCS provides Computer Repair & services for PCs, and Macs.
  • Malware Removal – DCS can fix that slow computer even if we have to wipe it and start over. We can recover the data as long as the disk drive is viable.
  • End of Life – Convert Outdated products
IT/Network Solutions

IT services as you need them. We’ll help you to find an efficient solution to your business requirements.

Upgrade outdated products

Remove Malware – Computer Repair

Small Business Technology

Get your web site on the Internet and indexed by the search engines.

We’ll help you with hardware and/or applications designed to fit your business needs.

Technical Support

Maintain infrastructure, websites, web hosts, servers, PCs, mobile phones and software products.

User administration

Troubleshoot – hardware and software

Permissions – Directory structure

  • Computer Repair for servers, and LAN
  • Managed IT Support, Data Backup & Storage, Cloud Services.
  • IT Services as You Need Them
  • Troubleshoot Telephone company & network connection problems.
  • Email & Anti-Spam, Server Hosting, Web SSL Certificates 

Scripting, web server and network security configuration, and e-commerce development.

Document fixes

Re-engineering, support and maintenance

Computer Repair – malware removal

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